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Steps to Create Custom Tiles in Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 is the product of the combination of start menu of Windows 7 and the start screen similar to Windows 8. So, combining old two app with new can be somehow ugly problem.

As it can be problematic, there are few studs to jump which can help through to get TileCreator to get worked, so here are some steps:


Navigate to Windows 10 Storage page and download TileCreator for free of cost.

Once the app is downloaded make sure you install it. Once the app is installed, download another program or utility known as Tile Creator Proxy. This program is used to help the Universal app to bypass a pinning restriction which is imposed in Windows 10.

Once it is downloaded it created the directory to C:\TileCreator. To run this program properly and in smooth way make sure to run it as administrator, right click on the program and click Run as administrator.

Next, navigate to C:\TileCreator and copy it and paste it (C:\TileCreator) into the start menu.

Once it is done, open the configuration file using your Notepad. Here you need to enter the app name and a folder path to the available program .exe file. TO reach to the program, you need to type the name into the stat menu of your device, then right-click and ‘Open file location’.


Once you are there, you need to copy and paste the folder path which is located in the file explorer’s address bar and you just need to add the program’s file name at the end. Remember that you need to add the file extension like .exe for example.

Once this process is done smoothly you need to again go back to the universal app of the TileCreator, from where you downloaded it from the Store of Windows 10.

Next, you need to enter the ‘key’ which you just used in the .config file. Make sure you enter the right spell and avoid any kind of characters. You have access to name the tile as your wish with name, pictures, text color and tile color or leave it to the icon let do all the talking themselves.

Once you are done with this process, you can hit the ‘pin tile’ button available and you have access to make modern looking Photoshop tile as per your wish to make modern start menu.

Once you are finished with all these process you are recommended to check Pin Tile Button whether tile is in use or not. If you can’t see your newly added tile, sign out and sign in again to start over.

And if your pin tile is not functioning in the proper way or not working as it needed to be, make sure you ran TileCreatorProxy.exe as administrator with help of choosing this option from the right-click gratified menu. If you forget to run it properly, remove C:\TileCreator and again start it from beginning. You can create a custom tile for Google chrome as well, although Windows 10 users are facing dns_probe_finished_no_internet issue after upgrading.

As TileCreator is in its initial stages, the feature like text colorization is yet to work properly, even after the launch of mini app boot.